What you get from Saskatoon Event Centre

  • Full presence on our website: From the time your show is announced until the date of show
  • No less then three e-blasts per event
    • Our data base is growing daily with approx. 20,000 contacts using Reverb Nation
  • Full time social media box office manager
  • We have a street team of over 100 people who promote on social media
  • Two indoor 8×12 screens that will run ads during your event
  • Posters both inside and outside advertising your event

Additional Options Available for Fee

(Cost to be discussed with the General Manager)
  • Our venue is on one of the busiest corners in Saskatoon
  • We can market your event for you
    • We deal with each local radio station and advertiser in Saskatoon
    • We deal with them on a daily basis and we get competitive rates